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C&C Run, Sunday 18th June, Danish Camp

Meet in the car park at Danish Camp for 9am. There are a number of route options, the map on the C&C page has routes of 5.3, 7.6 or 10.4 miles and you can download this or there is the 5KM loop by the river. Alternatively you can just do an out and back to suite whatever mileage you need to do. Coffee, cake and gossip in the café after the hard work.

If you plan to come along, please put your name on the thread. Looks like it will be very hot so don't forget your sunscreen, water and hat!

Re: C&C Run, Sunday 18th June, Danish Camp

I'vejust realised that with Greensands Ridge relay tomorrow and Bedford 10k on Sunday there probably isn't any need for a C&C this Sunday. If there are no posts to say that anyone is coming by 7pm tomorrow evening (Saturday) I will cancel it.
Service will resume as normal next Sunday 😊

Re: C&C Run, Sunday 18th June, Danish Camp

Hi, a couple of us from the step up group are aiming to do this tomorrow at 9. We know the area and if it's only us it's no problem. We'll prob do 5k route, perhaps slightly longer anyone else wanting to still go we'll see there!!!

Re: C&C Run, Sunday 18th June, Danish Camp

That's fine Emma, if people definitely want to do it then I'm happy to go ahead. Will only be doing the 5K loop myself as getting over a nasty cold. See you there at 9am