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Track Passes

Now that the track is again open, all valid track passes have been extended to take account of the closure. New certificates will be emailed out over the coming week.

If you are using the track during an organised club session (under the supervision of a club coach) you can pay the casual track fee of £3.50 per session. To use the track at any other time, you MUST have a valid track pass (£60 p.a. or £36 for six months).

Having a valid track pass means that you can use the track after 5.30pm on school days and at any reasonable time during school holidays and weekends. Track lighting, however, will only be available for Club organised sessions and usage outside Club sessions is entirely at your own risk. Please check the Club calendar for outside bookings that will take preference.

Re: Track Passes

I am trying to buy 2 track passes but, me being given me, I cannot find the right place on the website. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

Re: Track Passes

Click on the "membership" tab on the web site
This takes you to the Membership page.
At the bottom right is the Track Pass application form

Re: Track Passes

To do this through subsonline;

Log in in the normal way

Go to the bottom of the first page that opens and click, save and pay

you will see the options for track pass on the next screen on the top left. Choose which you want to purchase, 6 or 12 months and then follow the on screen instructions.