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A reminder on press reports

Hi all,

It's been great to see we've had another good showing in the Chronicle and Comet this week, including the back page of the latter. Pics of these are in the members' Facebook group.

However, despite a really welcome upturn in reports coming in from members, I've been left uninformed about several recent events and left to decipher results for myself involving many athletes I don't know.

The rule going forward is as follows - if I don't get a report in, I can't write about it. It's just asking for trouble otherwise, and I'm spending too many late nights trying to cobble together even basic information on events I haven't attended.

Deadlines for both local papers are Tuesday lunchtime, which is very tight for events that take place the previous Saturday and Sunday, but it can be done with a bit of organisation. Make a point of sending on results when you have them, for example, provisional or otherwise. For reports themselves we don't need huge amounts of extraneous information about the entire day around an event, but a bit of colour - even just a few sentences - goes a long way.

Another prompt on photos too - if we don't get any in, we don't get back pages.
No one expects award-winning pics, but athletics action set us apart from everything else around locally, and it's a rare event indeed where there isn't a BAC member with a camera phone.

Send the pics straight from cameras and phones please, in the best quality your devices allow you to, rather than downloading ones you've uploaded to Facebook - the difference in the file sizes is also the difference between them being being suitable for print, HUGE on the page, and having to be shrunken down to postage-stamp size.
In some cases you may need to send multiple pics over several emails - this is fine by me.

Anything, indeed everything - biggleswadeacpress@hotmail.com

Many thanks to everyone for their recent help and support with all this - it makes my job (and indeed my sleep) much easier!