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Re: Save your money


The present economic crisis is forcing consumers to stop spending money. People
stop buying any product to cut back on expenses.

We're all trying to save money in our current economic situation.

The only thing in the consumers mind is to save money and buy direct from the
manufacture and original producer and save their money.

I found the following three sites

They allow consumers to buy direct from the original producer and save their

It is like International Exhibition for original producers and manufacturers
displaying thousands of products for sale one of the biggest markets in the
world today. They manually check and approve every application and make sure
that only original producer can join the Exhibition. They give each manufacture
or producer a FREE advance e-commerce website to sell their product DIRECT to
buyers (consumers and to each other) to help them eliminate the meddle man and
save their money. They are PD2C (Producer Direct to Consumers) and/or PD2B
(Producer Direct to Business) (B2B). Their service is 100% FREE to consumers

It is simple; buyers (local and international consumers and/or manufacturer,
manufacturer representatives, Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers, and original
Producer from around the World) pay the money direct to producers, and producers
ship the product direct to the buyers.

It is the new way of saving money

I use it and saved my money so

You can also buy direct and save your money.