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Take my accordion -- please!

Is that what you're saying to yourself? After searching eBay and accordion stores across the country, I'm still looking for my dream accordion. Maybe you've got one lying around that you'd like to donate to a worthy cause!

The most important things I need from my dream squeeze are:

1) Lighter than 20 pounds – the lighter the better
2) In tune and tuned to A440
3) Tight bellows
4) Even keys and a fast keyboard
5) Switches that give me at least clarinet, bassoon, piccolo, master and combinations of high and middle reeds and low and middle reeds.


1) Pretty (bonus points for bright colors and retro rhinestone patterns)
2) Good straps
3) Handmade reeds
4) Pre-existing guitar jack and knobs. (I will be having my own miking system installed, so any electronics don't need to work.)

Re: Take my accordion -- please! check out this store, good luck and hope to see you all in SF june 4 !!