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Cool Photos!

Holy cow! Check out the photos from the Redding CA Marketfest show!! Terrific live action shots by Jim Mark.

Every time I try to photograph the elusive TDA squeeze-boxers, I get stuck with nasty light condtions. The end result often ends up looking like those Loch Ness monster shots, all distorted and out of focus. I'm sure the beer (and my crappy camera) had nothing to do with it.... :-)

Looks like those folks in Redding know how to put on a party, Wisconsin-style! All the estential ingredients: beer, brats and TDA. I knew I should have made a West Coast trip this year. Oh well. Something to brood about this winter during TDA withdrawl.

*Bill In Milwaukee

Re: Cool Photos!

Yeah, Jim did a great job. I think he said he took about 600 shots -- he was all over the stage, all night long, working hard in the 90-degree-plus heat.

And, Bill, you can probably snag a cheap flight to Reno for the Italian Festival ...

See ya there!