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TDA's "My Friend Jim" video

Great job Lewis and TDA! I really enjoyed the "My Friend Jim" video and have posted up on my Xanga (wha?!) website! BTW, i have introduced a new generation to TDA! -- hey, no need to thank me! the latest TDA! t-shirt in an XL will do just fine!

Hope you all are doing well...miss TDA! bunches...oh, and I'm still playin' if you were wonderin...

~Ron "The Filipino Elvis" Muriera
Oakland, CA

Re: TDA's "My Friend Jim" video

Hey, Ron -- thanks for the link and the endorsement! Long time no see ... and, what, you live like 11 miles away or something. You know how they always say, "The check's in the mail"? The T-shirt's like that. See ya soon!

Re: Re: TDA's "My Friend Jim" video

Thanks Lewis! -- got the e-mail from Paul, so the "t-shirt is in the mail!" I will check out the TDA! schedule (Mill Valley perhaps? Modesto? Monterey?) to come by and see you guys play. Until then, will see you soon -- Viva Las Accordionistas!