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My Friend Jim video

Enjoyed the video "does that suprise anyone?" and looking forward to the next one, maybe Rice for one or Live it up! Here are some comments from some friends of mine whom I sent the link to. >>>It was awesome!! We loved it.Eddie and Familly >>>Loved it! Aren't they going to be in Oregon next week? Columbia County Fair or some such thing? Are you coming up for it? Loree>>>
Hi Bill,
I'm waiting for the buffering right now. We're packed up and almost ready to leave Anchorage. Leaving Monday morning.
Hope you're able to take in the concert in Oregon
Best, Ray
PS: Just enjoyed the first half of "Jim", but needs more buffering time. When I get home I'll download. It's late now.

Re: My Friend Jim video

Yeah! A video for "Rice For One" would be cool. I even have the setting... Pike Place Market in Seattle. There's a great little Chinese resturant there that would be the perfect setting for video. Maybe they could recruit Eddie Vedder to star? Or then again maybe not...

Paul told a great story while the band was in Steven's Point this last summer. They were shooting the outdoor scenes for the My Friend Jim video at a local Steven's Point park. Apparnently some local kids who were hanging around realized that they were shooting a music video and got all excited. And then they saw the accordions. Poof... no more kids. :-)

Great job on the video Lewis! You guys should consider doing one of a live performance sometime. I'm sure that would be pretty tricky, but nothing beats a live TDA show.

*Bill in Milwaukee

Re: Re: My Friend Jim video

Let's see ... a Seattle shoot for "Rice for One." Guess we could do that for, say, $5K. A fella's gotta have a budget to get around like that! The song would definitely work, though.

Glad you liked the video. We've considered a live one, but haven't come across the absolute perfect situation (that budget thing always comes into play).