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Summer shows

Hey Message Boarders!
I just caught a TDA show last night & WOW! It's been longer than I feel comfortable admitting since I've made it to their concert & I'm not going to let that happen again. The show was this polished gem of sparkling showmanship & glistening musicianship!

I wanted to post in here & tell any of you that are debating on going, DO IT! And moreso than ever, bring some friends along to the infectious show!

Take care,

Re: Summer shows

Guess who turned up on the schedule for Summerfest in Milwaukee? Our favorite extreme squeeze-boxers (try saying that after a couple of beers) Those Darn Accordions! will be gracing the US Cellular Stage on July 2nd!!

Break out the brat bibs and clean up the lenses on the beer goggles. This is what we've been waiting for: TDA on a big stage with a big PA and a rocking crowd. With plenty of cold beer and a cool breeze off the lakefront, it just doens't get better than that.

Maybe David Lee Roth will invite TDA over to the Rock Stage later that night for some accordion backing on "Just A Gigolo?"

Then again... maybe not.

*Bill In Milwaukee

Re: Re: Summer shows

Well, I hear Lewis is a huge fan of Mr. Roth! But do you think Roth would let another band on stage that could so easily upstage him?!

Re: Re: Re: Summer shows

I guess the Summerfest secret is out -- how great is that? A nice afternoon show after we rock Shank Hall for the first time. We ought to be in decent shape by 4 p.m. Won't be our first time on the Leinie stage (and I hope it won't be our last).

And DLR on the Potawatomi Bingo stage later that night? I'm soooooooo there (unless I end up on some late-night devil drive to get the Great White Buffalo to its secret parking spot).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Summer shows

Hey Lewis,

How about letting out another secret about who will be behind the drum kit for this tour? I hear through the grapevine that Bill is stuck at home on diaper duty for awhile.

Frankly we should all head over to the Roth show later that night and heckle him about never paying a royalties to the guy who wrote "Just a Gigolo." You would think he could throw a few bucks that guy's way. After all, it was the only hit anyone could ever remember by DLR (that wasn't with Van Halen).

I wouldn't worry about parking for the Great White Buffalo (a HS Thompson reference???) at Summerfest. Lots of big lots there. It's the Shank Hall gig you should worry about. You might have to take a cab back from the nearest parking spot big enough for a truck. The "east-side" parking situation is a nightmare.

See you in a few weeks. First beer is on me.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Summer shows

I'm disappointed that it doesn't look like I'll be making it to Wisconsin again this summer to see TDA. It's a far drive from Pennsylvania, but I'd make it in a heartbeat except that I have a new job and no senority and so no time off for vacation this summer. Bummed--I'd really like to see TDA in concert, but oh well. I have my memories and my TDA CDs. Maybe next year.

Hm. Wonder how much a flight would cost. Maybe I can fly in for Summerfest? Hm.

The older I get, the fewer the things I can sincerely say I enjoy without reservation. TDA has been one of those things. My life has been greatly enriched by TDA.