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Ben and Jen (aka Love Thing) Redux

I saw in National Enquirer or was it My Weekly Reader ... that there is a Ben and Jen part 2, real life saga emerging... dateline Hollywood.

I've pestered Lewis before about TDA reviving that fantastic song "Ben and Jen/Love Thing"... or whatever it's called. It's not on any of their recordings to the best of knowledge.

Can you see that this is the sign: the Universal Force tapping you on the shoulder -- saying "listen to Marc .. he knows"... could it be any clearer???

Please revive it in the rotation and/or... put it on your website as a downloadable mp3. The fate of western civilization .... and perhaps even the dark energy galactic "unpleasantness" that the physicists and cosmologists are fretting over may hang in the balance (not to be melodramatic).

Lewis, do you have any questions? :)


Re: Ben and Jen (aka Love Thing) Redux

Hey, Marc --

I'll admit to not having done due journalistic diligence on Ben Affleck's love life. However, your wish is our command: A full-length MP3 of the "Ben & Jen" demo has been posted on our Freebies page.

Download it now, and enjoy!

Re: Re: Ben and Jen (aka Love Thing) Redux

Got it! Thanks Lewis, I think it's a wonderful song. Getting to hear it more clearly outside a show context, the lyrics are kind of Jen1-specific.... but that's ok with me. Hoping to catch TDA this summer while on vacation in the Midwest.