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Tour Dates

Another dreary Wisconsin winter is nearly over and it looks like TDA is gearing up for another blockbuster summer of tour dates throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa.

Hopefully someone will remember to turn up therostat. It sure was a cold summer last year. Felt like I was in San Francisco.

Sorry to see that The Harmony Bar fell off the tour lineup. Madison is a great town for live music. The show was scheduled for the same day as the Great Taste Of The Midwest: one of biggest beer tasting event anywhere. What a full day that would have been! And it is just across the lake from the Harmony Bar too. I could have taken a water taxi to the show... I hope Paul can squeeze in a show there this summer.

We're all looking forward to the return of TDA to the Black Horse Bar in Winona, Minnesota. Last year's show was one of the best I've seen them do. To quote Paul: "It was off the hook." Great PA system, jumping venue, good beer. If you're nearby, it's worth the trip.

The "coup-de-gras" will be the Shank Hall gig in Milwaukee. Yes, you Spinal Tap fans, this is the namesake venue from the movie. However, no scenes were actually filmed at Shank Hall, but rather at the nearby Riverside Theater (bit of trivia there). This will be a show you Milwaukee folks won't want to miss. Shank Hall is one of the better live clubs around: sorta like the CBGB's of the midwest.

Well, it's time for me to pull those TDA tour shirts out of the closet and start doing a few wrist curls to build up my drinking arm.

See you all on the road at the next TDA show.

*Bill in Milwaukee

"Buy the ticket, take the ride." - Hunter S. Thompson

Re: Tour Dates

Hey, Bill --

Yeah, we're ready to hit the road. It's been rainy out here all year -- hoping for a little bit of that Midwestern sunshine.

The festivals (Downer's Grove, Waterfest) and the clubs (The Black Horse, Cedar Cultural Center, FitzGerald's, Clark Place) -- it's back to a bunch of great old haunts.

The Shank Hall gig will be new for us. The show -- which is looking like TDA's only Milwaukee appearance of the entire year -- should be a hoot as well. And speaking of breaking new ground: Have you ever been to the Decatur Celebration?

See ya,

Re: Re: Tour Dates

Shank Hall is a nice little venue. It got its name from the fictional Milwaukee venue that Spinal Tap played. There is (or at least was) a little styrofoam stonehenge shape hanging over the bar.

Re: Re: Re: Tour Dates

Oh, I guess I should have read all the messages before posting, since the Spinal Tap connection was already mentioned.

No Sandwich show?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Tour Dates

I think Shank Hall has a little Spinal Tap shrine set up somewhere in the building. Things were a bit blurry last time I was there. Looking forward to seeing TDA's tour picture on the wall.

The Decatur and Downers Grove festivals sound interesting, providing I can figure out the maze of toll roads to get there. Never been to either fest, but both sound like a good time. Hopefully they will have some of that yummy Goose Island beer on tap.

*Bill In Milwaukee

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tour Dates

There's a really great brewpub in Downer's Grove named Emmett's. It is the second location of what is now three. Really great pale ale, and good other beers. It is at one end of the main drag, so I suspect it will be within staggering distance of the festival.

The time I went to Gabe's in Iowa City I was very disappointed by the obnoxious frat boys pushing around on the floor, but maybe they will have gone home for the summer.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tour Dates

Staggering distance would be good! Driving back to Milwaukee after an afternoon of people spilling beer on my shoes probably isn't such a good idea anyway. I'm sure Paul and the gang will be looking for a good spot to stop after the show. Maybe we can talk them into it.

Yeah, I wasn't too sure about the Gabes Oasis show myself. Hard to say how those Iowa folks will react to TDA. Isn't that scary heavy metal band Slipknot from there? Gonna be in Minnesota the night before anyway. Three states in three days might be a bit much.

*Bill In Milwaukee

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tour Dates

Hey fellas, we've had some good shows at Gabe's, the first time being the best. I have some TDA street team recruits spreading the word, so I'm mildly optimistic that we will have a large somewhat sane crowd. It is a Sunday night however, so I'm prepared for a less than stellar turnout. Suzanne went to school at IU, so this is always a bit of a homecoming for her. The load in is brutal, so if you're coming....come early!!