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gray and cold here in Pittsburgh

... and we're all waiting eagerly for the weather to break and the sun shine through, heralding, perhaps, the advent of another spring.

In the meantime, since I was re-organizing our home videos of our Wisconsin trip this past summer anyway, I had a good time reliving the TDA gig at the state fair (non-commercial home use only, he said nervously). That was a good time! Doctors agree that TDA is more effective than Prozac for battling seasonal affective disorder, as demonstrated in side-by-side laboratory comparisons.

It's polka time!

Re: gray and cold here in Pittsburgh

Be careful of overdose!

I once put Clownhead on repeat on the work CD player. After a couple of hours, my workmates nearly had me committed.

TDA: it gives me the "quality response" I deserve. (apolgizes to the Nexium people)

*Bill In Milwaukee

Re: Re: gray and cold here in Pittsburgh

It *finally* stopped raining in California today. (Did you hear about the funnel clouds we had over the long weekend -- hoowee!) We're looking forward to seeing ya'll on the road this summer.