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X-mas in Wisconsin

Well it's Christmas time in Wisconsin.

The snow is on the grill and the Tundra is frozen. 10 below zero this morning in MIlwaukee and today the Packers beat the Vikings to win the NFC North.

LIfe is good!

All we want for Christmas this year is a full slate of summer tour dates for TDA around Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. Summer is too short and winter too long. But at least we have all those great TDA CD's to keep our spirits warm.

Happy holidays and seasons greettings to Paul, Suzanne, Lewis, Bill, Carrie and Susie from the land of beer and cheese!

Keep on squeez'n.
*Bill In Milwaukee

Re: X-mas in Wisconsin

Hey, Bill --

Thanks for the warm wishes. Hope 2005 is treating you well. We hope to get back to the Midwest as much as possible this summer -- as long as the snow is melted by then. It finally stopped raining out here on the West Coast, and a nice, plump, grilled brat sounds pretty good right about now ...