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Will TDA! Be at Cotati Accordion Fest 8/28 & 8/29?

hey Lewis and fellow TDAers!

just checking to see if you guys will be at the Cotati Accordion Festival next month...haven't seen it posted on your summer tour calendar (unless you folks are SOOO bizzee that you will not make it this year) -- it was great seeing everyone at last year's fest, and from taking an informal survey from several folks attending last year's Cotati Fest, they all agree that TDA! and Dr. Loco were the 2 bands that really rocked the festival!

i'll be there (w/my brand NEW spankin' accordion)...hope you guys will be able to make it!

till then,
Ron "The Filipino Elvis" Muriera
(former TDA! member)

Re: Will TDA! Be at Cotati Accordion Fest 8/28 & 8/29?

Hey, Ron, great to hear from you! To be honest, I don't know if we're playing that show. It's not booked yet, so maybe we missed the boat.

We had a great time at Cotati last year. If we're not playing the festival (and we're not on the road), maybe we'll see you up there and get a chance to watch you give that new squeezebox a workout. What kind is it, and when do you play?

Re: Re: Will TDA! Be at Cotati Accordion Fest 8/28 & 8/29?

hey lewis!

i just checked the cotati accordion festival website ( and they already have the festival schedule for 8/29 & 8/29 up...looks like TDA! will not be playing this year (OH MAN!!)

As for my latest addtion to my accordion arsenal...nothin' special...a brand new, dark blue Morelli, 34 treble keys, 48 bass, 5 sounds sweet! (or maybe it's because my other accordions are older and sound worn!) The only place i'm playin' nowadays since leaving TDA! is in my home, and for special events (when i'm asked to emcee). Dat's it!