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This was my first experience at Summerfest and what a display of music there was. But there was this one band called Those Darn Accordians who caught my ear/eye when I walked by.

It was kinda like tasting a variety of bratwurst... and then God slaps you in the head and makes you take a bite of "That's very cool".

Thank you TDA, I enjoyed your show the most, and I bought your CD quicker than a scared gopher buys a new hole.

(I'm from Cleveland, born in Parma... and I know accordian talent when I see it.)

Re: Summerfest

It was great seeing you all at summerfest. Sorry I blew off Janesville. The weather was just too nasty. And my brakes were failing.

But I'll be at the State Fair.

Re: Re: Summerfest

Hey, Craig --

Glad we got a chance to talk at Summerfest. And don't feel bad about blowing off Janesville -- you weren't the only one. That was one damp affair, and we almost didn't get to play. The people that did show up were great, though, and we managed to squeeze out a soggy set due to the heroic efforts of the Janesville sound guys, who dried the PA out with a hair dryer. See you in West Allis.