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Just got the new album

Well I found Lawnball in my mailbox today. Gosh, it's my favourite TDA album now! I like the other instruments you guys have thrown into the mix. I think I actually scared some people on the bus today because track 3 made me burst out in laughter. Several times.

Thanks for all this cool music you guys make!

Re: Just got the new album

Randall, Congrats and thanks. You're our first review of Lawnball and I'm greatly relieved to hear it met your approval. We're pretty pleased with it too.
Hope to see you soon.


Re: Just got the new album

Mine just arrived today also. Now I've got something to listen to during that long drive up to Winona tomorrow. Love the new tunes and the Led Zepplin covers. Can't wait to hear the live and in person versions.

*Bill In Milwaukee