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This is for Paul from a long-lost pal

Paul, I just got back from Dearborn, unfortunately Stephanie & Sandy's mom (my favorite aunt)just died and I was there for her funeral. A good thing that happened was I got to see Mike Faitel a.k.a.Fanny, Stewart & Peter. It was SO great to see those guys, but they are all so short...did I just grow into an amazon woman or is there something in the water in Dearborn that stunted them? Anyways, physical abnormalities aside, I just loved to see them and catch up on the last million years. Stewart said you were going to be playing in Dearborn this summer, and accordian (oops!) according to your schedule of "concerts" I didn't see a Dearborn date, so please e-mail me and let me know if you kooks will be in that area sometime this summer so I can get up there and see you guys. I think this thing you are doing is fun and the fact that you are in Wisconsin most of the time makes it even more e-mail is and I will be waiting with baited breast/breath for a response...