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Re: pennsylvania will be represented


Wisconsin welcomes you with open arms. However, if you are staying at the Jellystone Campground in Wisconsin Dells, you might want to check before you come. They took a direct hit by a tornado Wednesday night (no fooling). I hear that Boo Boo & Yogi's pick-a-nic basket got swept away.

Be sure to visit the MicroBrew Tent at the State Fair, which is handily located right next to the stage where TDA will be playing. Don't waste your money on that Bud or Miller swill (yeeech).

Anyone willing to drive all the way from PA just to see TDA is a trooper in my book. Look me up at the show and I'll buy you a beer.

-Bill in Milwaukee

Re: Re: pennsylvania will be represented

Thanks, Bill. I'll try to look you up,
maybe around the microbrew tent that you mentioned. Maybe you should wear a rose behind your ear or something so that I can recognize you. Boy, a microbrew tent located right next to TDA sounds like a great time. As for tornadoes, they only serve to make our vacation all the more exciting, though I will call to make sure our campsites still exist. Thanks for the report on that, by the way. I was looking forward to sharing a bratwurst with Boo Boo and if he got swept away I'll be very disappointed.


Re: Re: Re: pennsylvania will be represented

Sam, You just earned yourself a free "Lawnball". If you're coming all the way from PA, it's the leaast we can do. See you on July 2nd!


Re: Re: Re: Re: pennsylvania will be represented

Dude. I'll take the free Lawnboy, and it will be one of my most treasured possessions.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: pennsylvania will be represented

oop. "lawnball," I meant. I believe "Lawnboy" was a Phish album.

Free Lawnball

Sam, Did you get your Lawnball? If not, let me know and I'll drop one in the mail.


Re: Free Lawnball

Hi, Paul:

Here you are with a thousand things on your mind and you remember to ask me about my free Lawnball. Very kind of you.

I didn't get my Lawnball, but simply because I'm gonna see you at the Wisconsin State Fair (not Summerfest). Greatly looking forward to it. We're leaving tomorrow morning and will camp out for about 10 days. So, will see you on/around/about August 10th!