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re; Brittany

Would you believe my cat stepped on the keyboard before I was able to finish that last post? Or maybe it was that last Blatz beer I just finished...

Anyway.... Big news in Milwaukee, Brittany Spears cancels Summerfest and Those Darn Accordions! step in to take her place. Well, almost. Actually it was the BoDeans. But TDA does have Summerfest listed on their schedule. The party on the lakefront can now begin. If any of you have never attended Summerfest, you must come and see TDA in their natural enviroment. Beer, brats and TDA. It doesn't get any better.

Lewis: any indication which stage and what time you guys will be playing at Summerfest? Their webpage doesn't have you guys listed yet. Hopefully they'll kick one of those god-awful 70's tribute bands out and give you guys a decent stage to play from.

Looking forward to seeing TDA again as you tour through Wisconsin and Illinois.

-Bill In Milwaukee

Re: re; Brittany

Hey, Bill -- The cat must have been shocked by the lack of message-board spam. It is pretty amazing, isn't it? (I'm assuming the cat wasn't drinking Blatz.)

Anyway, the last I heard we play two sets, at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on July 2. Supposedly on the Garden Stage or the World Beat Stage -- not exactly sure, to be perfectly honest. I couldn't find a stage by either name on the Summerfest site. I'm just praying it's bigger than a picnic table and located in the shade.

Hope to see you there.

Re: Re: re; Brittany

The cat won't touch Blatz. She's strickly a single malt scotch drinker.

I'm not sure about those stages at Summerfest either. The ones listed on the webpage don't match the names shown on the grounds map. I think the whole operation has gone into the dumper ever since they showed Bo Black the door. What the heck. We'll push together a couple of picnic tables for Billy's drum kit and you guys can set up under the overpass (where it's shady) and we'll make our own stage.

See you then!

*Bill In Milwaukee