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While in Winona, Minnesota...

Be sure to check out all the stained glass and the replica grounded riverboat. I think the headquarters of Watkins is still there.

Other than the river, there's not much to look at. Have fun!

Re: While in Winona, Minnesota...

Again with the tips! We'll keep our eyes open for the grounded riverboat -- we're always impressed by monuments to failure.

Hope to see you at Rick's Place in Sandwich (and elsewhere along the way).


Re: Re: While in Winona, Minnesota...

Here's a random fact. Winona Minnesota is the birthplace of actress Winona Ryder. Perhaps there's some form of monument to her some place around town. Maybe a poster at the local Walmart with a "don't shoplift" warning below it? We'll have to look for it between shows while TDA is in town.

Bill in Milwaukee