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Re: Welcome to the new boards

Um OK , how do post a new msg vs a reply?

Re: Re: Welcome to the new boards

Just click Post from the main page, then post your message. Simple as that.

Re: Lewis Oshkosh

See you in Oshkosh B'gosh
here's a blurb from the Milwaukee Journal
great answer to the question......

Q: Bill of Sussex - Gemma, Dave; Why hasn't Summerfest invited Those Darn Accordions back to the Big Gig? It just doesn't seem like Summerfest without the masters of squeeze.

A: Gemma Tarlach and Dave Tianen - Hi Bill, if you find yourself in the brutal throes of accordion deprivation during the Big Gig, I suggest you make it over to the Big Easy stage. It will be heavily infested with zydeco squeezebox jockeys. -- Thanks all. It's been fun as always. Dave

Re: Re: Lewis Oshkosh

Hey, Gary --

Looking forward to seeing you at the show. Thanks for the tip about Gemma and Dave, too. We'll have to get them a copy of "Lawnball." Paul picked up the first batch of CDs yesterday, hot off the presses (or whatever they manufacture CDs on).

Re: Re: Lewis Oshkosh

I've been tweaking Gemma for some time about TDA after she gave them a one paragraph review a few years ago in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Hardly the press they deserved that day. They played two gigs in one afternoon in 90 degree heat on two of the dinkiest, most out of the way stages at Summerfest, hauled thier own equipment, never complained once and rocked the lakefront.

-Bill In Milwaukee