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Re: Bob Welch...

Thanks Dennis...Good story...Any photos to go along with this adventure?...

Re: Bob Welch... concert poster is about all...
Richie Havens headlined cuz he would only accept a headliner billing.....Fleetwood Mac didn't care as long as they got paid.
I didn't have a camera back then for sure.
It was an eventful fun time...including Mick Fleetwood telling me they weren't going to perform after he and I inspected the stage, etc...because I had not provided a Leslie amp...(it was in the bad).
I determined quickly what a Leslie amplifier was and got one from a local band.
Lots of stories...
You know wouldv'e perhaps made some uncomfy...ha...incriminating evidence of nefarious behavior. Consequences were more severe then than now.
Welch had back surgery 3 months ago and his wife Wendy said he did not want to be a burden to her as a dependent invalid. He also was in severe pain.
His doctors had given him a poor prognosis.

Re: Bob Welch...

Sad news about Bob Welsh, but love your story there, Dennis. It tells so much about both the time in music history and the musicians involved, so thanks for sharing it.

Re: Bob Welch...

Thanks for all of your kind comments on my little story.
I know all of us here of a certain age have unique experiences of those days and times.
An event or passing may cause an inappropriate smile or grin .... people just attribute it to me telling myself jokes again.
It's a pleasure to share with others who know/understand the context of the times and what the hell I am rambling on about.
Not all my youth was least not by my standards...ha.