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Re: Holiday april may 2013

yeah!! Glenn you could not plan a pic' like that!! thats like hangin a sign in da mens room, don't pee on da seat!!!
Laurie, Iam up this early due to a pizza supreme last night!!! I feel ya!!
I Know Alvin would have a Blast,for a week,and we kept it on da hush hush,and dove into some down home Jukin!!I just heard from Ricky Sills on my face book, he has a place called the Chickin House, which was an actual chickin brooder house turned into a Backwoods juke, I am
settin up somethin with him.

I was hoping every one would notice 1st the Sign and then my Harmonica on the rack to the left and me trying to play the Mic,and sing into the harmonica!!!hahahaha! i had ignored the Sign!! and note the snare drum turned up vertical on the left bottom and the kick drum on the left, I'am playing drums at the same time as I was blowin the Mic!!!!HAHAHAHAH!!no encore please!!

Re: Holiday april may 2013

Greatnews, Ronnie! Playyour azz of and take care of your health!

Re: Holiday april may 2013

How about some pics of the guitars you're bringin' along.

Re: Holiday april may 2013

if I dare do that Pieter will kick muh azz!!!I think he has got more guitars than GOD but My Blues Blaster is a well as the 345, and the National resonator tri cone for busking when I run outta gas HAHA!