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Re: Cheap Trick, anyone?

I will watch the show again. Thanks, Paul .

Re: Cheap Trick, anyone?

I know what you mean, Robin... Joe B.'s playing *is* very nice, but it's just not *personally* compelling to me. This isn't a slam on anyone who does find it so, or on Joe or his playing. It's just another example of "different strokes for different folks", whether in life, love, or musical preference. For example, some of Cheap Trick's power vocal harmonies give me chills and get inside my brain cells (such as in the refrain on "All We Need is a Dream"), but someone else may find them merely pleasant, or may dislike that style, for all I know. But I do know why you find Alvin's music so thrilling, Robin: Alvin himself, of course! You and I don't find Joe B. *personally* captivating, and we do Alvin. I don't mean this exists on any shallow level. I don't mean that it's just about sex appeal, either, although some of it certainly is. ;-) Alvin just has very strong "vibes"/personal magnetism, and stirs us profoundly in a truly magical way, both through his brilliant playing/expressive vocals, and through his considerable personal charisma. Magic always has something of mystery to it, though. So enjoy it. Don't analyze it too much! ;-)

Quote: Robin
I try to listen to other musicians in the R&R / Blues world but almost everything leaves me cold. I have no idea why. I am now watching Joe B. on PBS and some of it is very nice but I am not inspired to hear it again. I am still monumentally surprised by my reaction to the music of Alvin Lee. I have no idea why his songs thrill and captivate me so much. I am curious to figure it out.

Re: Cheap Trick, anyone?

Laurie, you are so right about Alvin. I try to detach myself from Alvin the captivating male, and just concentrate on his songs. I try to repress what his vocals do to me as a woman. I try. But I fail.

Thanks for reminding me that I don't have to work so hard. I will just let it be.

And yes, the music of Alvin Lee engages me as no other contemporary artist/musician. His songs are absolutely compelling on so many levels. I was and am riveted by his immense talent.

Re: Cheap Trick, anyone?

Wow.... 1978 3 nights @ LA Forum, Montrose, Cheap Trick, and....Kiss. A few months later, Flo & Eddie and TYL. Good summer!