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Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

A new Ferarri, a bag filled with diamonds and a palace with my own recording studio next to Alvin's place in Spain. It was almost like in a dream, so I had to pinch myself in the arm and..

Well, the new snowshovel and the warm gloves were nice, anyway. I've already had good use for them, because it's been snowing all night and day, with much more to come, they say. Urrk! Who needs a Ferrari anyway, in this kind of weather..

Re: Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

It don't have a heater??

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Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

The one I got didn't have a snowplow and 36 inch tractor wheels. Actually, after having pinched me in the arm, it transformed into a snowshovel. It was like surreal, man, like it went into a parallell universe and came back as a newborn item. I'm sure it will grow to become a Ferrari again if I feed it well. Here's a little more snow for you to chew on, Enzo..

Re: Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

I got lots of music and a check for $2000.00 from a school parent!That's the good news. The bad news is then both refrigerators died at the same time so the money just floated away!hahahahaaha
Last year this same rich family gave me $5,000.00 at the end of the school year and then both of our vehicles fell apart to the tune of $3500.00
I guess I am not meant to have lots of "extra" money to blow-but grateful for these large gifts that come along at just the right time. Must be nice to be able to give money away to people-I sure am happy to be on the receiving end of it!
But seriously-the best gift is that jerry is recovering from his terrible accident is almost 100% again-a true miracle and blessing. Here's hoping 2006 is less stressful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

Hey Kim,

My wife and I found out a long time ago that you never speak of any kind of windfall around major appliances and automobiles!!

Something will die every time.................!

and thanks Toni for no more spelling test!!

Re: Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

Wish I had thought of that earlier!!!!hahahaha

Re: Re: Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

Great news Kim! Had my fingers crossed. You can return the favour on Jan 11, when I have another knee replaced!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

Good luck Henrik! jan 11th -what a nice date for surgery-I love odd numbers.....11 is a fave-so I know it will all go smoothly and you will back dancing to Alvin Lee music in no time! I will be thinking of you!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Whatcha get fer xmas??

Thanks Kim! Just to be sure not to miss good music too much I'll bring my discman to the hospital!