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Re: the rolling stones

Pieter my friend
Of course you got cameras in-I have seen you in action and you are GOOD! Send me pics!!!!
Have fun with Toni!
Look out for the hurricane-not the best tourist attraction. Wish you could come see us in California
love ya
Kim and Jerry

Re: the rolling stones

Howdy Hi Pieter!
you are on the road again my friend!
say hi to the sharks

rock on


Re: Re: the rolling stones

Great move Pieter !

Send my love to Toni !

Have fun and have a great time !


Re: Re: the rolling stones

I agree Kim, watching Pieter in action is joy to behold.

Anyone else would have been chucked out with a few bruises for their trouble...but not our Pieter. Let's set him a task.

Pieter, you have six months to produce a photograph of you with your arm round royalty or a president. Extra points will be awarded if it's someone we have heard of.

I'm glad your enjoying your trip, Big Man.

Re: Re: Re: the rolling stones

just spoke with a good friend in Barbados,40mph winds lots of rain,from wilma,headed to florida due to the cold front coming from the southwest is supposed to push it into florida by sat,keep yourself safe this is supposed to be a mean hurricane,I heard from the caymans 30mph winds rain.cat3 this morning

Re: the rolling stones

Pieter, please tell us more about the concert!